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We have the lazor functioning 400x better than it did when we got it. A little more time tinkering with the mechanically-translated software and it should be operational for all engraving needs. Thanks to all involved in the process of acquirement!
Also, a sound studio is being constructed for all our recording needs. Ben is doing a wicked job executing that, and we are all excited to see the finish product.
The main purpose of the recording room is for the Electric Duck Radio Show, which we are developing and getting excited about.
Make sure to check out the calendar and such for all kinds of craziness going on at think|haus!

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We need a SHARK.

For the very obvious reason that we now finally have something to attach to it’s fricken head.


Yup, doesn’t get more awesome than that.

**NOTE** If you’re a member, you get to use the laser AFTER you’ve had a training session with one of the qualified operators (currently Trevyn, Ben and Jamie)

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first official open|haus

First official open|haus meeting happened tonight. A lot of notes were made, plans were planned, ideas shared.

Mitch purchased, installed and cleaned a refrigerator for the use of think|haus, as well as set of coffee cups (in “electric duck yellow”).

We are going to be planning a Makerfair in the next bit, as well as explore possible streams of revenue.

It was good to see some new faces. Hopefully more will come when the word gets out.

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mentioned in Raise the Hammer!

Just had to post that think|haus has been mentioned in an article in Raise the Hammer by Ryan McGreal. This necessitated the creation of the new ‘media’ section, which is linked at the top.

UPDATE: more pics from the first meeting! (Flickr link)

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Many updates

Lots of updates on the site the last 24 hours or so:

  • contact page
  • links updated
  • events calendar added
  • integration with twitter

and of course, we want to promote open|haus Tuesdays as much as possible.

Lastly, I was uploading some photos and came across one from the first visit I thought appropriate to share. Behold!


UPDATE:  more pictures from the last few days (1 2 3 4 5 6)

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Inventors Club Collective

Think Haus met for the first time at the new location tonight. Attendance is good so far, with fifteen members in tow.

Discussions took place on different topics, ranging from celebrations on the speediness of our club’s progress (two months from first meet, to location!), as well as getting projects and fundraising ideas on the way.

Don brought cool business cards for everyone to fill in their names on, and just about everyone brought in membership dues.

Pictures were taken, and everybody is in a generally good mood about it all.

We’re still looking for more people to join and get involved! We’ll have information available later.

Take care,

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