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Video of our laser

Much evil laughter and maniacal screaming of “Fiar tha laaaaazzzzzzzzooooooorrrrrr!” is going on down at the haus today. Also humming of this song.

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Movie Night November 13th

Come one, come all, to the biweekly think|haus movie night. The next one will be on November 13th at 7:30. We’ll do a double bill again. Come early to argue about what we should watch, and complain about the crappy projector.

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Talk times changed!

Since Jame’s Secure My Stuff talk was scheduled to conflict with the Hamilton LUG, it has been moved. It will now happen on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, starting next Wednesday Oct 21 at 19:00.

I, however, am even lazier, and have postponed Math Club to next month. Call it post miniSoOnCon burnout. Math club will begin on November 12th, at 7 PM and run subsequently on the 2nd Thursday of every month. The first talk will be about the different sizes of infinity:

Infinity is a weird concept. You can add one to it as many times as you like and it won’t get any bigger, so how can one infinity be larger than another? Come to the talk to find out. Don’t worry if you aren’t a math whiz: this talk should be understandable to pretty much anyone.

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Congratulations to kwartzlab on their grand opening! The party is tonight, so if you want to check out all the hard work they’ve put into their space,  stop by after 7:30 pm. Apparently there will be a cash bar…

Also coming up blazing fast is miniSoOnCon. If you haven’t already gotten your ticket, you’d better move fast. We’ve got almost 75 people signed up, and we’ve only got enough badges for 100. The con launch is tomorrow evening (Friday October 2nd) starting at 17:00. We’ll be having a BBQ with a cash bar, so bring your pennies. The con proper starts at noon the next day (Oct 3rd). Come see the talks and the project gallery. Then, after all the talks are done, we’ll migrate to Toronto for Nuit Blanche. See you there!

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miniSoOnCon2009: Oct 2-3 at think|haus!

We’ve joined together with diyode from Guelph, from Toronto, and Kwartzlab from Kitchener-Waterloo to put on a mini hackerspace conference!


Where: think|haus, 152 Niagara St, Hamilton ON

When: October 2-3, 2009

Who: Makers from all over southern Ontario and beyond. Further afield, we have some confirmed guests coming from NYC Resistor and other USian hackerspaces. You should come too!

Cost: $25 for the first set of tickets. Contact diyode if you’re in Guelph, if you’re in Toronto, Kwartzlab if you’re in Kitchener-Waterloo, or James (myrcurial at thinkhaus dot org) if you’re in Hamilton or if you’re not from any of these cities.

On Friday October 2nd, the conference will host a BBQ and party. Bring cool projects to show off. Awesome badges will be handed out.

On Saturday October 3rd, think|haus will host talks, how to sessions, and a projects gallery at which anyone who is interested can give a 20 minute talk on something related to
creating projects, show people how to build/take apart/modify something, or show off their cool projects.
Some confirmed talks so far are:
• You Let Your Kid Do What? A brief story about children and taking advantage of
applied engineering skills in a positive way.
• Intro to Kite Aerial Photography Come learn about the kinds of kites you can use to
fly your camera, what you need to build your own kite, and how to modify your
camera to take pictures automatically.
Check out the website at and add your own talks or projects.

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Happy Birthday Canada!

142 years ago today, our fair country Canada was born.

Safe celebrations everyone!

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building fun

Things are happening all over the place at think|haus.

Our usual Tuesday meeting was great, with everyone helping out in some form or another to improve the space. Floors were reinforced, wire was laid, ideas hatched and expanded upon. Also, we are very soon getting hooked up with the internet!

Also, please have a look at Raise the Hammer’s think|haus interview!

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Open Haus

It’s an exciting time to be a member.

Infrastructure is coming along nicely. We’ve got ice cold Pop Shoppe drinks, and plenty of fun stories to tell.

In this post, you can check out a Macintosh SE/30 that resides on a chair in the lounge, and the whole group meeting and talking.

Also seen is founding member Jason attempting to install a mailbox, while bending drill bits at the same time.

Come see us every Tuesday at 7pm!
We’re usually around until 9:30, and we’ll be glad to show you around.


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