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Preview of one of the GGHC2011 discussion sessions…

In this blog post by Zoe Branigan-Pipe (@zbpipe) you’ll see what happens when a real school teacher is read into the think|haus GGHC2011 plan.

I toured the Hackerspace from the perspective of a teacher, as I often do. In education, we talk about problem solving. We talk about having our students “think critically”. We advocate and implement problem based learning and inquiry driven lessons. This hackerspace encompasses all of these things – in real life. As I toured the space and talked with James and the other project members I was fascinated with the set up of the room. Every area of the space was created to promote design, creation collaboration, discussion, brainstorming and problem solving. How about that.There was a massive island in the middle of the table was covered in tools, designs, and notes. On the other end of the room was another large table looking onto the interactive whiteboard (they made themselves) used as another space for group projects, conversations, and a place to create. Eventually, I was guided to the “think” area of the room containing a few comfortable couches and again, onlooking another giant idea wall. As the folks from the Thinkhaus described their project, my eyes kept wondering. QR codes were pasted on the cupboards with each code eventually leading to a description of the cupboards contents, or instructions for a tool. Recycled materials, electronics, computers, cords and tools in organized in every nook and cranny of the room.

There’s a whole lot of hints about what we’re planning on building… look for the detailed announcement of “THE PLAN” shortly.

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GGHC2011- Introductory Video

Hey there.

Here’s our first video posting for the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge 2011.

Look for updates over the course of this week – we’re moving fast on circuit design, software development, and most importantly – DOCUMENTATION.



Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

I’m very pleased to announce that think|haus is a participant in the element14 sponsored Great Global Hackerspace Challenge!

This is an international Hackerspace Challenge that is being developed in partnership with the electronics components company element14. The goal is for members of the teams to put their collective heads together and make a difference for a cause. The cause for this event is education. Why Education? Education cuts are barely out of the news, and the outlook remains grim across the world. Our schools continue to fail us in educating people for our collective futures. We need to foster practical and creative thinking and help provide equipment to inspire a lifetime of learning. Already, hackerspaces are helping fill the void – providing workshops, after school classes and vocational training, often for free, or very inexpensively. Now there is an opportunity to take that one step further, and to take something created in a hackerspace back to the classroom.

You’ll be able to find our updates posted both here and also at our element14 site

There’s an aggressive 6 week schedule for this one, so hold on – it’s going to be awesome!

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Keith Adney – Memorial Service and Visitation

Keith Adney, aka grndrush
There will be a visitation for Keith on Monday, November 1 from 5 – 8 pm at the Truscott, Brown & Dwyer Funeral Home – 1309 King Street East. The funeral will be held at the same place on the following day, Tuesday, November 2 at 11am, followed by a reception for everyone to share their stories.

Some photos and further details about the service are available on the funeral home website. You can leave your condolences there if you like. After about a month, Richard Kranstz, the funeral director, will collect the condolences and photos and turn them into a hard cover book that will be presented to Keith’s family.

We’ll miss you, Keith. We thought we just wanted a space with tools. We’ve gained something much larger: a community and many good friends. We will all remember Keith and continue to feel his influence at think|haus. We were lucky to have known such a wonderful human being.

UPDATE 2010-11-22: You can watch Keith’s visitation and funeral at

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Tuesday August 10th: haus|cleaning

Tomorrow (Tuesday) come out to 152 Niagara (old|haus) to help clean stuff up. The general order of business will be to sort things, chuck things, and pack things.

Lockers need to be empty by Friday – so Tuesday is a good time to get that done. Please leave your locker unlocked so that it’s easy to see that it’s empty. Anything left in the lockers when we move them will be left behind! The lockers are heavy enough to move when they’re empty, so please take your stuff out.

After August 23rd, anything left in old|haus is fair game. It could be chucked, claimed by someone, or sold to the gypsies. It would be nice to have as little of this stuff as possible, because getting rid of crap is a big, stupid, thankless job. Please take your stuff home, chuck it yourself, or sell it to the gypsies yourself. If you think someone else might like it, label it “FREE”. Perhaps we can even designate a part of the workshop for this? If it’s not gone by the 22nd, please dispose of it yourself.

In other news, new|haus at 25 Dundurn N is starting to take shape. All the walls that are coming out have been removed, thanks to the hard work of Peter, Trevyn, Paul Hart, James Arlen, James Q and the kind folks at the staircase. Adam ran some phone cable, so we’ll be ready for whenever Bell decides to give us service. Collar ties are up, along with some spanking new parallam beams to make sure the roof doesn’t fall in on us. The next step in this process is the installation of some structural walls on the east and west sides of the building. Here are some photos from the weekend:

If you’re free, and want to help, message Trevyn or me on haus|talk, or send me an email (adina at this domain) and we’ll let you know what’s up. We’ll also send emails to the discuss list, and maybe update the website when there are more organized haus|building events. Hugh runs a tight shop, and we shouldn’t have any problems with people showing up and not knowing what to do. If you bring a hammer, safety glasses, and suitable footwear, he should be able to put you to work.

See you tomorrow!


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Sunday August 8th at 25 Dundurn N.

Yesterday we got the collar ties and gussets installed at 25 Dundurn N. This means that the roof won’t fall down when we take out the walls! That’s the plan for today. There should be lots for people to do, so come join us and help destroy stuff! We’ll be there between 11am and 7pm.

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Apparently Gilbert Held is a little bit racist

Dictionary of Communications Technology, 2nd edition

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Annual Meeting on June 15th

think|haus has been around for almost a whole year! That means that it’s time to have an AGM. It will be on June 15th, at 7PM. This breaks the not-having-business-meetings-at-open-haus rule, but it’s only once a year. Members can check out the agenda on the wiki page:


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Popular Science Books now available

Back issues are now on Google

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We are having a Linux Install …

We are having a Linux Install Fest!

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