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Amplifiers are not supposed to look like that

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Fixing taking apart an amp from the E-Waste. Noticed a fuse was blown, found a new one, and checked the resistance. 2 ohms seemed a little low. Looking deeper, the base speaker amplifier pair looked a little off. Burned right through with a chunk gone. Glad the fuse was there.


Beast of a 5 amp 120V to +-17V center tap 15A per line torodial transformer in there. Likely going to turn that into another amp or something.


The amp and its board. I may turn it into a speaker box and extract the power supply or replace the amplifiers. I have some amplifier chips here that should do the trick, but why they blew is likely more important.

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first official open|haus

First official open|haus meeting happened tonight. A lot of notes were made, plans were planned, ideas shared.

Mitch purchased, installed and cleaned a refrigerator for the use of think|haus, as well as set of coffee cups (in “electric duck yellow”).

We are going to be planning a Makerfair in the next bit, as well as explore possible streams of revenue.

It was good to see some new faces. Hopefully more will come when the word gets out.

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