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MiniMakerFaire Toronto


We had an absolute blast at MMF-TO!

We handed out approximately 850 laser cut acrylic moustaches for kids and adults alike to colour up and make uniquely their own.

We’ve got some good pictures kicking around, but in the meantime, here’s an awesome video that TVO put together.

Big thanks to Richard for the endless laser cutting, Dave for bringing the cool toys, and Amelia for her 16+ hours teaching little kids to colour moustaches.

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Laser cut thinkhaus keychains! I put all my keychain know-how into designing them:

  • Etching and cutting!
  • Double-sided content!
  • Stick font text for surplus legibility! (used CamBam fonts)
  • Motivation slogan “Be excellent to each other” on front, thinkhaus url on reverse!
  • Double split-ring action for increased doesn’t-break-in-your-pocketness!

We’ll be bringing them out to events like art crawl and software hamilton, plus handing them out to guests who stop by on open house nights (Tuesday starting at 7PM) Come by and grab one!

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new think|haus official opening

What: official think|haus opening
When: February 12, 1-5PM
Where: 25 Dundurn St N
Who: Everyone!
Cost: FREE!!!!!

think|haus has finished moving in to our awesome new digs, and we’re inviting everyone over to check it out! There will be project show and tell, talks, and demos. See our laser cutter in action! You will even be able to build an electronic kit to take home.

Everyone is welcome to this free event! Bring your friends! Bring your kids! Bring your nerdy roommate who never leaves the house!

Can’t make it? We’ll miss you, but you can come out on any Tuesday at 7pm for our regularly scheduled open|haus.

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Filling laser etched acrylic: wax vs polymer clay

I made some business card holders for think|haus a few weeks ago. They turned out pretty well, but there was one problem: the etching isn’t really legible from any reasonable distance. I clearly needed to paint/fill the etching with something. I tried two different methods: wax crayon and polymer clay. Photos below the cut. Read the rest of this entry »

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