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Think|Haus Members win Nat’l Engineering Week Bridge Competition

In a surprise come from behind victory, the two youngest think|haus members have won the Kitchener Waterloo Children’s Museum National Engineering Week Bridge Building Contest!

The winners (Amelia and Andrew) took home an awesome K’NEX prize pack. Next time, we’re hoping that they’ll have some less serious faces!

Yes, kids can be hackers and engineers too.

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New Improved Lazzor – Now Cuts Circlez!

We have Trevyn, Jason, and Mike’s hard work to thank for the laser now being able to cut circles!

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We need a SHARK.

For the very obvious reason that we now finally have something to attach to it’s fricken head.


Yup, doesn’t get more awesome than that.

**NOTE** If you’re a member, you get to use the laser AFTER you’ve had a training session with one of the qualified operators (currently Trevyn, Ben and Jamie)

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Google StreetView of the haus, MSOC Pictures

Google recently rolled through Hamilton to add our fair city to their StreetView application.

Click here to see the haus in all its’ Googley-mappedness glory!

Also, check out these pictures that document the insanity that was Mini So On Con:


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whole lotta lockers

whole lotta lockers

These glorious lockers were very kindly donated by Mohawk College / McMaster University. They are absolutely fantastic and we could not be happier with them. Much thanks to the pre-mentioned organizations, particularly Dr. Singh.

We have not been posting lately, but that does not mean we have not been busy. Check back soon for an announcement of a public event we are planning that we are very excited about in the next month.


mentioned in Raise the Hammer!

Just had to post that think|haus has been mentioned in an article in Raise the Hammer by Ryan McGreal. This necessitated the creation of the new ‘media’ section, which is linked at the top.

UPDATE: more pics from the first meeting! (Flickr link)

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Many updates

Lots of updates on the site the last 24 hours or so:

  • contact page
  • links updated
  • events calendar added
  • integration with twitter

and of course, we want to promote open|haus Tuesdays as much as possible.

Lastly, I was uploading some photos and came across one from the first visit I thought appropriate to share. Behold!


UPDATE:  more pictures from the last few days (1 2 3 4 5 6)

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