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OpenHaus Every Tuesday, we open up our doors at 7 pm to invite in the members of the general public. We’d love for you to come in and show off the projects you’ve been working on or if you are stuck on a project and need other people to help you brainstorm answers we are here to help you with your questions too!

Whatever the skill level,  you are always welcome in our ‘Haus’. We love teaching beginners the skills they need to succeed and sharping our own skill by learning from experts who drop by.

We are located in Hamilton, Ontario at 25 Dundurn St North. Just head to the back door and when you come in you’ll see a second door to your left. We are just up the set of stairs. See you tonight @ 7pm

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think|haus profiled on OpenFile

Last Tuesday night, Wayne MacPhail (twitter) came out to our open|haus to find out what was happening with our new place.

He’s posted the story of what he encountered on Open File Hamilton.

Wayne’s brought journalism excellence to our space before with his work on the MakerCulture Project and this new story is a great view of what we’re all about.

Thanks Wayne. Seriously.

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Grand (re)open|haus FTW


So today was the Grand (re)open|haus in our new location.

It was truly epic. We had a whole bunch of community members come to visit that had no idea we existed.

We had:
– 3 year old girls making LED flashlights
– 9 year old boys soldering for the first time
– LAZZZOR CHOCOLATE (most brilliant idea ever)
– lockpicking in the lounge
– A minor soldering burn
– LOTS of conversation and laughter and learning and teaching

Thank you to all of you who could make it out today.

Most importantly, thanks goes out to three tireless members:

Richard – who is always there when you need him.

Adina – who relentlessly planned and coerced people into making the open|haus as wildly successful as it was.

And more than any…

Trevyn – who has worked tirelessly for 5 months to build a very nice container to keep his laser cutter in. Of course, the container he built also happens to hold the rest of think|haus, but I swear he built it all just for the laser.

Special notes:

1/ If you’re the intense young man who was questioning whether or not a quiet WarHammer session would be ok – you need to flip an email to me: – don’t hesitate, just do it.

2/ LAZZZOR CHOCOLATE is awesome. You should try some. Seriously.

3/ Adina and Andrew worked on a special project for about an hour… this is what we got:


new think|haus official opening

What: official think|haus opening
When: February 12, 1-5PM
Where: 25 Dundurn St N
Who: Everyone!
Cost: FREE!!!!!

think|haus has finished moving in to our awesome new digs, and we’re inviting everyone over to check it out! There will be project show and tell, talks, and demos. See our laser cutter in action! You will even be able to build an electronic kit to take home.

Everyone is welcome to this free event! Bring your friends! Bring your kids! Bring your nerdy roommate who never leaves the house!

Can’t make it? We’ll miss you, but you can come out on any Tuesday at 7pm for our regularly scheduled open|haus.

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WE’RE IN!!!!

Welcome to New|Haus!

It’s taken us 4 months to get to this point, but it’s happened. We’ve moved in.

Come and see our awesome new digs on tuesday night open|haus events.

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Buildout at 25 Dundurn St. North!

We have a new space, colocated with the Staircase Theatre on Dundurn Street. It’s a super sweet second floor, with tons of natural light (daystar!). The best thing about the new space is that it’s approximately the most accessible location in the city – Dundurn and King. We’ve got a floor plan worked out, with a chem / cnc room, workshop space, and loungey space.

Buildout week starts today! At the open|haus tonight, we’ll be moving the 175 2x4s we ripped out of the old space over to the new one. We’ll talk about how things will work during buildout week and how you can lend a hand. We’ll keep this page updated for folks who can’t make it out tonight.


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open|haus is tonight! 7PM, 152…

open|haus is tonight! 7PM, 152 Niagara St. See you there.

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Open Meetings Every Tuesday

We’re always having Social Meetings every Tuesday starting at 7pm, so come on by and check us out!

Most (it not all) of our infrastructure work is now complete, and we’re gearing up with a few project ideas on the think|haus forums and now is the time to start building!

If you’d like to join, talk to us on the forums or come on by to a Social Meeting.

More stuff will be coming through the community soon, including the Electric Duck Radio Hour and regular event talks.

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Talk times changed!

Since Jame’s Secure My Stuff talk was scheduled to conflict with the Hamilton LUG, it has been moved. It will now happen on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, starting next Wednesday Oct 21 at 19:00.

I, however, am even lazier, and have postponed Math Club to next month. Call it post miniSoOnCon burnout. Math club will begin on November 12th, at 7 PM and run subsequently on the 2nd Thursday of every month. The first talk will be about the different sizes of infinity:

Infinity is a weird concept. You can add one to it as many times as you like and it won’t get any bigger, so how can one infinity be larger than another? Come to the talk to find out. Don’t worry if you aren’t a math whiz: this talk should be understandable to pretty much anyone.

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first official open|haus

First official open|haus meeting happened tonight. A lot of notes were made, plans were planned, ideas shared.

Mitch purchased, installed and cleaned a refrigerator for the use of think|haus, as well as set of coffee cups (in “electric duck yellow”).

We are going to be planning a Makerfair in the next bit, as well as explore possible streams of revenue.

It was good to see some new faces. Hopefully more will come when the word gets out.

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