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USB Car Power Bar

Hey All,

Loving this project pages for each user!

Ok, so my first completed project while at Think|haus is a USB Car Power bar.  I had so much fun doing it that I took pictures and created an Instructable about it!

Here is the completed project, click on the link above for a complete description.

From Thinkhaus – Car Charger Project

Since then, I actually have had to do some minor update.

1/ Replace double-sided tape for power center with two nuts/bolts. Ain’t gonna fall off no more in this cold weather 🙂

2/ Relocate the wire coming out of the 4-way power center to the ‘bottom’ (mounted view) so that it looks neater.

3/ Re-direct the wires so it looks a lot neater and does not interfere with the opening of the console door at all any more. Will get a pic of it later.


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