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The torch is mounted

DSCN8380 DSCN8381 DSCN8382

The plasma cutter is mounted and the end stops are set up. The stepper motor controllers were also ordered. Should be able to get this together in the next little while.



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The Sign Is Coming!

The CNC engraver is being revamped! The goal, make signs. Or engrave. Or cut out circuit boards. It really depends on what people use it for.

DSCN8303 DSCN8305 DSCN8307

In the near future an aluminum plate with 1/4-20 holes spaced 1″ apart will be put on top of the wooden sheet. The wooden sheet is a machined level surface. The aluminum plate will have 4 pins in the corner that a wooden sheet will fit onto. That way wooden sheets can be populated, plopped on, and machined.

Potential uses:

– Making signs

– Engraving circuit boards from copper coated sheets and cutting through holes

– Engraving brass, aluminum, or steel plates

– Printmaking (rolling press) multi-colour prints

– CNC milling of wood

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When it rains, build a geodesic dome

With rain on the way and a party imminent, did what anyone would do: build the geodesic dome and cover it with a Jeep parachute. Bonus of the parachute is it has Kevlar ropes that are very bounce-free.


The dome. Just going around and tightening it up.



Putting the parachute on top. Worked quite well as a rain cover. Played a bunch of games inside.


This is what the metal bars were. The shape is a general Level 2 isosphere that you may recognize from a soccer ball. 3 lengths of bars, clamp the ends, drill, and paint. Took about 3 hours to make with 3 people. If anyone is interested in the designs, just ask!


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Do you want to make a dinosaur?

We have wood. And a laser cutter. And designs. Here are the files, go and cut a dinosaur! Takes about 45 minutest to cut out, but drop a line and stop by! Three dinosaurs are here ready to cut. I sent them as a Secret Santa gift (pic shown) and they have been just sitting on my computer. Want to make one?


Three Dinosaurs

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Updates At ThinkHaus

The mill is moving!


The gearbox is fixed. The mill motor can be wired up and works. The collet was removed and opened. As well, a source of more collets was found and we may be able to get a whole set. All that is needed now is a box to put the motor capacitor in and a vice to clamp to the ways.

The kiln is very nearly done!


The wiring is done shy of the two heating elements that will be purchased from The Pottery Supply House and a sheet metal plate to cover the back. Now, moving forward a shed will need to be built and discussions with insurance will be needed, but it is very nearly done.

As for the stilts, the clips have not come. They were supposed to arrive by Friday…. And that was the second time I ordered them…. Anyways, they will sit/stand waiting.


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think|haus Computer Clinic – April 2015

Hello Everyone!

You are once again invited to join us for this months think|haus Computer Clinic on April 25th, 2015.

Need help with your computer problems? Join us from Noon to 3pm.

Admission is free to all, membership not required.

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open|haus 6th Anniversary

OpenHausOn this day in 2009, a group of individuals would come together for the first time.   During the following weeks while meeting in the basement of Freeway Coffee House, this unnamed group would come to create think|haus.  It wouldn’t be until June 1st, 2009 that we moved into a permanent residence on Niagara St. and really began to build our community. Over the next 8 or so weeks, we will pull out some of our pictures from over the years to share!

We are now located at 25 Dundurn St. North and have continued every Tuesday to open our doors at 7 pm to invite in the members of the general public.

We’d love for you to come in and show off the projects you’ve been working on or if you are stuck on a project and need other people to help you brainstorm answers we are here to help you with your questions too!

Whatever the skill level, you are always welcome in our ‘Haus’. We love teaching beginners the skills they need to succeed and sharping our own skill by learning from experts who drop by.

See you tonight @ 7pm

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MiniMakerFaireToronto 2013!!!!



We’re going to the Toronto Mini Maker Faire — September 21 and 22 at the Wychwood Barns (former TTC streetcar facility)


You could come too if you get a ticket :)


Also, there will be moustaches… lots of moustaches.


UPDATE: Added the link where you can buy tickets. derp.

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A quick update about a new tool we’ve added to the space. A few months back we bought a Shapeoko CNC milling machine. It’s an entry-level CNC machine, meaning it’s small, cheap and simple to assemble. It’s well-suited to smaller jobs (7×7″ working area) and can handle milling wood, plastic, styrofoam, copper clad boards, etc. It can possibly mill some metals but that’s going to take some experimenting. (check out the wiki page for more details about our setup)



(more after the break!)

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The Future Is Already Here – Just Not Very Evenly Distributed.


One of the most rewarding (and interesting) parts of an organization like think|haus is the collision of the future and the now. Here we sit, in a city that is shedding its past and trying to determine its future. The old Hamilton isn’t working out quite the way anyone planned. The new Hamilton is finding its feet in education, medical and the catch-all “innovative technology.”

Way back in 1993, Canadian science fiction writer William Gibson famously quipped: “The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.” I’m fairly certain that he was right then and even more right now.

When I was a kid, the future was going to include jet-powered backpacks, meals in pill format, vacations on the moon and suburbia as far as the eye could see. As long as the planet survived the nuclear holocaust.

Today, the future looks pretty different. Crumbling infrastructure, unsustainable development, paved farmland, insufficient healthcare and educational capability – it’s not a pretty picture. It will require some truly innovative thinking and an ambition that looks further ahead than the fiscal quarter or the next election.

Part of the answer lies in a focus on civic engagement – making it easier for residents to find and access services, making it easier to hear from all residents rather than just the ones with money / influence / access, and permitting residents to give back to their city by offering their skills and solutions for public consumption.

Engagement with each other and ambition won’t be enough. We’re going to need (at least) one more thing – the ability to do it ourselves. We can’t depend on our supply-lines stretching for thousands of kilometres and we cannot continue to treat everything as a disposable commodity. Over the last five years, we’ve been experiencing a renaissance in the “DIY / maker / hacker” world. For a long time the idea of repair or handmade at home has been looked down upon as the kind of thing that only poor people would do. The reality is changing. There are new tools and new techniques for creating things, new ways of sharing information on doing it yourself and renewed interest in learning and doing.

think|haus was conceived as a place where people could meet face-to-face to do the cool things and learn the new ways and share the cost of the new tools. We’ve been doing that for four years now and having a heck of a good time along the way.

  • If you have just learned about Instructables or Thing-a-verse.
  • If you picked up a copy of Make Magazine and can’t quite believe that it is real.
  • If you’ve heard about lasers, CNC and 3D printing.
  • If you’d like to be a teacher or a collaborator or a student.

Yeah. That’s what think|haus is all about.

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