think|haus is closing

So long and thanks for all the fish

So sad that it should come to this


We have come to the unfortunate decision that think|haus must close. We have been operating at a loss for over a year, and the amount of debt we have accumulated is not sustainable. Our membership numbers are well below what we need to break even, not to mention addressing the debt.  The directors are no longer willing to incur the personal liability for the accumulating debt. Our landlord has been patient & understanding, but they too have financial obligations.

We tried over the summer to increase our membership, but those efforts yielded only marginal results. While there were many people who had ideas on expanding membership, there were not enough people who were willing & able to do the work necessary to create a viable space.

think|haus was Hamilton’s first hackerspace. A lot of great people have been affiliated with the space over the years, and many of them have gone on to do very interesting things. Several have set up their own workshops to pursue their passions. We’ve seen things like 3D printing go from an obscure, difficult DIY process to something available to the public at the library. Hamilton has hosted 2 terrific Mini Maker Faires, and has a number of new technology startups. I am proud of the part think|haus played in helping to establish the maker movement in Hamilton. Most of all, though, I am very grateful for the opportunity think|haus has given me to meet smart, engaging people, many of whom I now count as close friends.

In the coming weeks, we can discuss whether think|haus can continue to exist as a virtual community, hosting occasional meetups, etc. But for now, we must deal close our physical space.

We will be holding a “garage sale” on October 8. Watch this page for further details.

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