Makin’ Filament…


We’re really enjoying the wide world of 3-d printing at think|haus but we’re facing an odd reality. We’re dealing with the cost of filament and the piles of misprints that occur as a natural result of the iterative design process.

To solve this, we’re starting to make our own filament using the Filastruder that was acquired by one of our members.

The filastruder takes pelletized plastic and turns it into plastic string suitable to feed to one of our 3-d printer.

Ultimately, we’ll be building a grinder that reduces a misprint to the right consistency to be feedstock for the filastruder.

Think of all of the plastic things in your life that you could drop into the grinder and have come out as filament that goes right into the top of a 3-d printer and makes the next thing.

That’s pretty cool.

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