Event: 3D Printing Build Night (sponsored by Instructables)

Instructables June 2013-06-06

Date: Friday June 21, 2013 – 7pm
Place: think|haus – see side bar for details
What: Come out, learn how to do 3D modelling in 123D and Tinkercad – maybe even get a print of your design!
You need to bring: A computer with a recent web browser

Open to Members, non-members $5/pay-what-you-can

Register Here

Details: So we’ve decided to go ahead and jump on the sponsorship bandwagon again. And hey – you can be part of it! We’re going to spend about an hour working on some learning and then spend some time playing and at the end of it, we’ll have completed the requirements and $150 worth of what we designed will be printed at Shapeways!

This is a first step in getting full Instructables Sponsorship – which would be kinda awesome for the space – and since there’s a limited number of sponsorships available, I’d like to get in sooner as opposed to later.

Instructables is sponsoring monthly build nights at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world. Each month is a different theme and we will send you materials to run a workshop at your space. In June we are running 3D Printing Build Night with 123D and Tinkercad. Experiment with these free 3D design tools and receive $150 worth of printing credits from Shapeways! Details below (please read all the information).

How to Participate:

  1. Host a Build Night: pick a night in June (any night) to host the 3D printing build night. At the event play around with 123D, Tinkercad, or both.
  2. Share your work:
    • 3D Models in 123D Gallery: Post all models created at the build night in the 123D Gallery or the Tinkercad gallery. We want to see all experiments with the 123D products and Tinkercad from beginner models to more advanced uses. These must be posted 2 days after the build night. You will receive $150 in 3D printing credits to Shapeways after posting these models.
    • 2 New Instructables: post 2 new Instructables from the build night that incorporate your 3D models and/or prints. These can be posted after you receive your printing credits.Sign up for an Instructables account here.
  3. Instructables Sponsorship: use the build night as a launch pad to bring your makerspace towards Instructables sponsorship. Individual projects can be included towards the sponsorship AKA get people to post new Instructables to count towards sponsorship.
  4. Brownie Points: After the build night post a forum topic on Instructables about how your event ran. Include pictures, stories, etc… This is an example from the May build night @ Noisebridge.

Sign Up: we are limiting this month to 25 spaces so it’s first come first serve. No more spaces available.


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