March TOOOL Meeting Photos



I would like to thank everyone who came out to the TOOOL-TOR meeting tonight.  I know I had a blast and hope everyone else had a good time as well 🙂  I would also like to thank @JoeyColeman who kindly provided us with coffee as well as trays of fruits and goodies for the meeting.  [Thanks Joey!  It was tasty! :)]

Here are some of the photos I snapped.  As usual I respected the wishes of those who did not wish to be photographed and, unfortunately, several shots didn’t turn out at all so I’ve left them out.  We decided to meet in the lounge as opposed to at the B.A. Table this month and the sunlight coming in through the windows killed any shots I took facing the south side.

Thanks again to all those who made it out!  The next meeting will be Sat April 6th from 1400h-1600h (2pm-4pm).  Hope to see you all there!



Hacker Parents Rule :)




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