First TOOOL Meeting A Smashing Success!


I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to our first ever TOOOL meeting.  It was a whopping success and you all helped make it happen!  I would also like to send a very special thanks to Ken Owen who REALLY saved my ass!!  We have not yet received our TOOOL care package and I figured I had about enough locks/picks to keep ~ 10 people busy, but I was very surprised by the 20+ people who showed up and, had it not been for Ken and his huge collection of locks/cuffs/etc. I would have been in real trouble 🙂  We had some people drive in from the Niagara Region and even one person who drove in from Ottawa o.O!  Pictures from the meeting are attached at the bottom of this post.

I went through the TOOOL intro to picking slides and then let everybody have at it.  The total attendance was at least 20 people (1 or 2 more may have snuck in that I didn’t get a chance to count as the meeting progressed) and it was a total blast!  Our youngest member to turn out managed to pick at least 5 locks (including some with spool pins!) as well as cuffs 😀

In total, 15 beginner pick kits were sold.  As an FYI: Any proceeds from sale of TOOOL gear goes directly back into the TOOOL group.  I don’t keep any of it and the hackerspace doesn’t take a cut or anything, so any additional monies from stuff you guys buy through us goes directly into buying more toys and making our group better.  I will be ordering another box of beginner’s picks to make sure we always have some in stock and the rest of the money will go to some new locks/toys for the group to play with.

Huge thanks again to all those who came out and made it a super-fun time!  The plan for next month is to watch the video of a talk describing different types of locks and which ones should be used where (if at all) in order to secure an area.  In future months there are plans in the works to do some re-pinning workshops as well as impressioning.  I’ve already picked up a bunch of vices, ~ 10 ‘pocket’ microscopes, 250 key blanks and the next thing will be to get some files.  I also want to pick up a LAB .003 pin kit and a mat or two for re-pinning.  (PS.  To whoever lost that key pin while trying to re-pin a lock: Richard found the pin while sweeping up and I taped it to the inside of the ‘lockpicking supplies’ locker door, so it’ll be waiting there for you next month if you get tired of picking a 4-pin lock :))

Cheers & hope to see you all again next month!  The next meeting will be Sat. Nov. 3rd @ 1400 and all meetings are going to be held on the first Saturday of the month from 1400-1600.


One quick note about the photos:  I asked everybody in advance to let me know if they did not wish to be photographed and will continue to respect everyone’s wishes.  There was one person who notified me after I had taken a photo, so I’ve cut them out.  If anybody sees themselves in any of the photos and wants to be taken out simply send an Email to myself, the TOOOL TOR email address or to the mailing list and I will gladly respect your wishes!




  1. #1 by Deviant Ollam on 2012/10/07 - 10:14 am

    So very awesome to see the Toronto lockpicking scene becoming active again! I am certain that you folk have the dedication and attention necessary to continue this energy and keep the chapter sustained and flourishing.

    If TOOOL HQ can ever do anything for you, just say the word! =)

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