Lazzor upgrade

Long time since an update, so I might as well talk about two recent laser upgrades. First I converted an unused exit sign box into a big hey-don’t-forget-laser-station-is-on indicator light. A couple of times we (/I) have forgotten to turn it off and have left the computer + pump + vent fan running. Not horrible, except that the pump runs quite warm and that ain’t good. Plus, I’d been thinking of ways of making turning on the laser more awesome, so this was a good opportunity. Read on after the break!

The sign is laser cut acrylic covered in black paint. It’s mounted behind the red (fibre glass?) panel so when the power is turned off, it looks like a plain red panel. Very cool. For the nervous, the laser has a hard enough time cutting 1/8″ hardboard so no it’s not going to cut you in half. That being said, it will deliver a nasty pinpoint burn so there’s that.

Upgrade number tow was adding an LED light strip inside laser workspace. It’s wired into a limit switch I mounted next to the door-is-open-safety-switch. So the lights come on when the lid is closed! Also tres cool. There’s also a switch on the right-hand side which turns off the circuit, if for some reason you want the lid closed AND the lights off.

Much improved, except for the fact that the zip tie mounts keep falling off! Too heavy I suppose. I’m wondering if I should double them up, use some stronger double-sided tape (tried some foamy stuff already – no go) or drill holes and bolt the damn thing in place. Still many laser upgrades to do – air assist, replacing the jenky pot, computer power control.

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