Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

I’m very pleased to announce that think|haus is a participant in the element14 sponsored Great Global Hackerspace Challenge!

This is an international Hackerspace Challenge that is being developed in partnership with the electronics components company element14. The goal is for members of the teams to put their collective heads together and make a difference for a cause. The cause for this event is education. Why Education? Education cuts are barely out of the news, and the outlook remains grim across the world. Our schools continue to fail us in educating people for our collective futures. We need to foster practical and creative thinking and help provide equipment to inspire a lifetime of learning. Already, hackerspaces are helping fill the void – providing workshops, after school classes and vocational training, often for free, or very inexpensively. Now there is an opportunity to take that one step further, and to take something created in a hackerspace back to the classroom.

You’ll be able to find our updates posted both here and also at our element14 site

There’s an aggressive 6 week schedule for this one, so hold on – it’s going to be awesome!

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