Grand (re)open|haus FTW


So today was the Grand (re)open|haus in our new location.

It was truly epic. We had a whole bunch of community members come to visit that had no idea we existed.

We had:
– 3 year old girls making LED flashlights
– 9 year old boys soldering for the first time
– LAZZZOR CHOCOLATE (most brilliant idea ever)
– lockpicking in the lounge
– A minor soldering burn
– LOTS of conversation and laughter and learning and teaching

Thank you to all of you who could make it out today.

Most importantly, thanks goes out to three tireless members:

Richard – who is always there when you need him.

Adina – who relentlessly planned and coerced people into making the open|haus as wildly successful as it was.

And more than any…

Trevyn – who has worked tirelessly for 5 months to build a very nice container to keep his laser cutter in. Of course, the container he built also happens to hold the rest of think|haus, but I swear he built it all just for the laser.

Special notes:

1/ If you’re the intense young man who was questioning whether or not a quiet WarHammer session would be ok – you need to flip an email to me: – don’t hesitate, just do it.

2/ LAZZZOR CHOCOLATE is awesome. You should try some. Seriously.

3/ Adina and Andrew worked on a special project for about an hour… this is what we got:

  1. #1 by Marion on 2011/02/13 - 8:30 am

    Thanks for having us. It was nice to see your new digs. Great space!

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