Open Haus

It’s an exciting time to be a member.

Infrastructure is coming along nicely. We’ve got ice cold Pop Shoppe drinks, and plenty of fun stories to tell.

In this post, you can check out a Macintosh SE/30 that resides on a chair in the lounge, and the whole group meeting and talking.

Also seen is founding member Jason attempting to install a mailbox, while bending drill bits at the same time.

Come see us every Tuesday at 7pm!
We’re usually around until 9:30, and we’ll be glad to show you around.


  1. #1 by jackiea on 2009/09/01 - 11:22 am

    So who let Jason have a power tool? I’m pretty sure that’s against a bylaw somewhere. And if there is no bylaw stating such, there should be!

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